Well Project

Help raise $300,000 to build a well for people without access to clean drinking water.

Join people raising money to make clean drinking water a reality for those in need.

Helping Hand Foundation donors from around the world are rallying together to raise money to build the well. Please join the hundreds of people powering this important project by starting a fundraiser today.


Every dollar makes
a difference.

The well cannot be built without you and the help of others in your community. When you start fundraising to support the well project, you bring fresh drinking water closer to reality for people in need.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I start a fundraiser?

It takes just a few seconds to launch your fundraiser right here on the Helping Hand Foundation website. Click here to create your fundraiser.

Do I need to create an account to fundraise?

No, creating your fundraiser is quick and easy and requires no sign-in. Click here to create your fundraiser.

Are donations to my fundraiser tax deductible?

Yes! Any donation you or anyone else makes toward your fundraiser is tax-deductible, and every donor will receive a tax-compliant receipt.

Can I see who's given to my fundraiser?

Yes! Through our donor portal, you can make changes to your fundraiser, and view details about the donations given to your fundraiser.

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